Catalano + Inova






INOVA faces the bathroom furniture international business scene with the aim to design a whole bathroom with one concept suitable for all bathroom’s products. INOVA is not a mere commercial enterprise, but a real manufacturing unit, a sole bathroom furniture industry. This strategic asset allows a high value-for-money ratio and an extensive production capacity. Looking at INOVA furniture and making a comparison with other ceramics companies that offer furniture in their catalogues, it is easy to understand the enormous potential of this business idea.
For instance: the increased flexibility and richness of available items and finishes dedicated to each collection. The flexibility allows to create “tailored” items able to answer to every need.






INOVA is a new Italian company of coordinated bathroom furnishings, which aims to manufacture products with original formal personality and high technical and qualitative standards. The basic idea is the integration between furniture and of sanitaryware items’ quality. This is the reason why INOVA choose the best Italian sanitary-ware manufacturer: Catalano.
INOVA challenge starts with the premise of creating new products able to answer to the various market demands, through a System, designed to give “complete” solutions for the bathroom. New INOVA system offers a wide range of furnishings, that enlarges and emphasizes the characteristics of Catalano’s main product ranges. Inova catalogue meet all the market segmentations, offering high, middle and low priced items with 6 systems of furniture, that can be matched with columns and mirrors. Each system is comprised of different typologies of furniture – one drawer, two drawers, one door, etc,..- and a wide range of finishes: wood, lacquer or laminated.