Catalano's contribution for a better world

Catalano is expanding its solar power plant!
Social responsibility  of an Integrated  path for environmental protection and respect.
Catalano, with the increasing of the solar power plant of its factory located in Fabrica di Roma, continues its  path, started 3 years ago, with the publication of its first Green Report. Think Green  became a company mission statement of great value, because sanitary-ware sector is usually perceived as very harmful to the environment, in comparison to other kind of  manufacturing process. Therefore, in the constant research for green technology implementations, the use of  renewable sources to get energy independence is a very sensitive issue.
In October 2015, the second part of the solar power plant was completed, by adding 3269 new panels  (with a total surface of 5,480 sqm) and bringing the increase of independently produced energy till 25% of the total energy requirements. The next-generation panels are placed on the roof of two separate areas of the industrial complex - one to the west, the other one to the north - and are directed to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of radiation and ventilation.
The expansion plan scheduled for the next five years includes the total covering of the roofs  of the industrial plant,and will bring the production capacity of renewable energy to cover approximately the 50% of the whole needs.

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Catalano's contribution for a better world