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Respect the man, work and the environment

Catalano mission


Achieving EPD certification is recognition of the company’s attentive and continuous commitment to research and verification of all the environmental aspects of its manufacturing process. The LCA analysis has shown how much the production impact is in terms of CO2 during all the production processes and phases. Each single step has been evaluated, from the extraction of raw materials to the production process, up to the sale of products, considering the means of transport, the chemical composition of the products, the packaging, the electric consumption, gas, water, atmospheric emissions and the waste produced by the industrial process. Catalano does not import nor market sanitary fittings made in countries with low labor costs or which do not comply with sustainability standards or environmental regulations. Also in this regard, all Catalano products are permanently marked to guarantee their origin and authenticity.

Think Green Think Green Think Green Think Green

Catalano looks into future generations

Catalano will always be in constant search of solutions oriented towards innovation through an open innovation model managing environmental resources (energy, water and processing waste) with technical competence and the passion of the leader.

The first company in the sanitary-ware sector to obtain the ESG (Environment, Social, Corporate Governance) certificate

A sole global production site

Today, the numerous environmental certifications and continuous investments in the company guarantee the respect and the attention that Catalano has, and has always had, towards the environment. The continuous production process control managed by Catalano in a single plant is essential. All our data is measured, verified and managed, and our goal is to continuously improve on our eco-friendly production process. Having a sole plant where all manufacturing activities are carried out makes it possible to also reduce the costs of logistics, raw materials, finished products and environmental impact.


A highly cohesive and motivated team

Catalano manages all environmental aspects with a team of people who monitor and evaluate the company’s environmental situation daily in order to ensure compliance with laws, authorizations and respect of the surrounding environment. Total participation by the staff of professionals and employees in frequent awareness-raising and training meetings makes all company production more conscious about the environmental aspects. All this is made possible by good relations with employees, who work in a healthy environment and in full respect of their rights, and who are personally sensitive and attentive to the preservation and care of their workplace.


Certified quality management

In addition to its ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (118755-2012-AQ-ITA-ACCREDIA), Ceramica Catalano is also certfied for its environmental management system through ISO 14001:2015 (182097-2015-AE-ITAACCREDIA) for energy management system ISO 50001:2018 (C544435) and emission verification ISO 14064:2019.


Exclusive heat recovery system

The company has also set the goal of limiting gas consumption during firing and drying phases. An original and exclusive heat recovery system was designed to manage and limit ignition of the numerous boilers. This led to an improvement in protecting the environment, with a considerable decrease in energy consumption of around 700,000 cubic meters of methane gas.


Water purification plant

In recent years, we have focused on saving resources, an essential theme for safeguarding our planet. We have created an ad hoc purifier, unique in its kind and size. The water treatment plants have been made more efficient through continuous research and process engineering, achieving a significant reduction in the use of purification products.

Catalano relies on a team of professionals who manage environmental aspects at all production levels on a daily basis.

Significant new photovoltaic systems

The same philosophy was applied to electric energy consumption. The awareness-raising of workers and the realization of all technical and technological measures with the full implementation of our photovoltaic systems has allowed for fundamental energy savings of more 1 ,5 million kWh in the last year and upon reaching a coverage of the energy needs of approximately 22%. The company’s ample photovoltaic system is always in continuous expansion.

Total recycling of ceramic waste

Catalano also has an innovative ceramic waste recycling plant, which represents a real revolution in the production industry. The plant, which is highly energy-efficient, is able to recycle 100% of the processing waste of industrial procedures derived from the processing of natural raw materials, while maintaining a sustainable impact on the environment.


Processes and research

Our procedures and research are always works in progress. We always aim to achieve results that are in line with the company green policies, which started with the implementation of robotic machineries, allowing significant qualitative production improvements and also reduced energy consumption, for a more sustainable future.

Design, production, quality control and marketing cycle of products.


Catalano state of the art

All the work and research related to the life of our products:

– energy savings;
– installation of photovoltaic systems;
– water recovery;
– heat recovery;
– checks and abatement of emissions into the atmosphere;

make Catalano a model of efficiency and environmental respect, being the first Italian company in ceramic sanitary ware industry to obtain EPD certification..

First in EPD certification



In May 2019, Catalano, the leading Italian company in the ceramic sanitary ware industry, also achieved EPD – Environmental Product Declaration (EPDITALY0075). With this certification, Catalano guarantees environmental control of product life cycles (LCA), in compliance with rigorous international standards, placing itself at the forefront of all other competitors.We would like to point out, as stated above, that all data and information are real and verified and not the result of an average of different production sites, as is usually done by many companies with production facilities all over the world, where environmental regulations may be less strict. Maximum attention to environmental, social and economic aspects. Achieving EPD certification means standing out from the less attentive and sensitive to sustainability issues competitors, not only from an environmental point of view, but also considering social and economic factors. In these three different matters, we have made every effort to offer the most demanding international target a product that is truly sustainable and safe for the environment as well as for the health of workers and users. A strong shield against green-washed competitors. The growing sensitivity of institutions and people towards sustainability makes the role of certifications (especially EPD) really strategic. To finally demonstrate that the company and its products meet the requirements of the sustainability protocols allows both the distributors and then the end users to recognize this quality; in case of contract market supplies, it allows to get the necessary credits for the supply certification.

Sustainability is our priority. We communicate to the market about the impact on the environment as well as the performance of our products and installation methods. We choose raw materials with near-to-zero environmental impact, to be combined with the best performance.

Having a single production plant where all manufacturing activities are carried out, makes possible to reduce the costs of raw materials logistics as well as the environmental impact.


The ethics behind our products


Is the upgraded version of the Cataglaze® glazing system that helps protect the environment, thanks to the smaller amount of detergents required to maintain sanitary fittings, thus reducing pollution from chemicals.

Water label

Is the label that comes with every Catalano toilet issued by The Water Label Company to certify water saving. This certificate shows a performance ranking, indicating the maximum toilet flush water volume.

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