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The Sfera collection is marked by a wide range of different shapes designed to match the various needs of space in the bathroom. The collection was completely re-designed and widens its range with: 3 new wall-hung or sit-on (on INOVA cabinet) washbasins – 100 cm, 80cm and 60 cm – with a lateral ledge, chromed brass towel-rails are also available; 65, 60 and 45 cm with a larger bowl (no ledge, only bowl), suitable for wall-hung or sit-on (on INOVA shelves) installation, towel rails are available; 4 sinks – oval and round – for sit-on and semi-inset installation. The range also includes 4 wall-hung WC and bidet (two of them features the NewflushTM system, both for their standard and cheap version) 2 floor-mounted WCs and 1 close coupled WC.

It responds to the needs of contemporary living

Cataglaze+®  Silver Titanium, total antibacterial protection

Unassailable and unalterable vitrifying treatment, with self-sanitizing and antimicrobial properties.

Dimension & Colors

Sfera sanitary ware
WC Sfera 54 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSF54R00 - 54x35
Details & Configurations
Bidet Sfera 54 wall-hung
Cod. 1BSF5400 - 54x35
Details & Configurations
WC Sfera 54 wall-hung Newflush Eco
Cod. 1VSF54RECO00 - 35x54
Details & Configurations
Bidet Sfera 54 wall-hung Eco
Cod. 1BSF54ECO00 - 54x35
Details & Configurations
WC Sfera 50 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSS50R00 - 35x50
Details & Configurations
Bidet Sfera 50 wall-hung
Cod. 1BSS5000 - 54x35
Details & Configurations
WC Sfera 54 Newflush
Cod. 1VPS54NR00 - 35x54
Details & Configurations
Bidet Sfera 54
Cod. 1BIS54RN00 - 54x35
Details & Configurations
Monobloc wc Sfera 63 Newflush
Cod. 1MPSFR00 - 63x35
Details & Configurations
WC Sfera Comfort 70 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSHNR00 - 36x70
Details & Configurations
WC Sfera 55 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 05 1155 0001 - 35x55
Details & Configurations
Bidet Sfera 55 wall-hung
Cod. 05 1855 1001 - 35x55
Details & Configurations
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Sfera Washbasins
Sfera 125 double basin
Cod. 1125SFD00 - 125x50
Details & Configurations
Sfera 100
Cod. 1100SFN00 - 100x50
Details & Configurations
Sfera 80
Cod. 180SFN00 - 80x50
Details & Configurations
Sfera 60
Cod. 160SFN00 - 60x50
Details & Configurations
Sfera 65
Cod. 165BSF00 - 65x48
Details & Configurations
Sfera 60
Cod. 160BSF00 - 60x45
Details & Configurations
Sfera 50
Cod. 150BSF00 - 50x40
Details & Configurations
Sfera 45
Cod. 145BSF00 - 45x34
Details & Configurations
New Sfera 55
Cod. 15535ASF00 - 55x35
Details & Configurations
New Sfera 45
Cod. 145TSF00 - 45x45
Details & Configurations
Sfera 60
Cod. 05 2261 0001 - 60x37
Details & Configurations
Sfera 50
Cod. 05 2250 0001 - 50x35
Details & Configurations
Sfera 32
Cod. 05 2332 0001 - 32x32
Details & Configurations
Sfera Comfort 70
Cod. 170HE00 - 70x55
Details & Configurations
Sfera Comfort 60
Cod. 160HE00 - 60x55
Details & Configurations
Sfera 60×42
Cod. 05 2260 0001 - 60x42
Details & Configurations
Sfera 42 h16
Cod. 05 2343 0001 - 42x42
Details & Configurations
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The highest quality, tecnology and sustainability

We produce the highest-quality sanitary ceramics thanks to state of the art machinery, all while caring for people, work and enviroment.


With our products and our ideas, we want to give you options to improve the quality of your life.
Moving in one direction: Forwards.


Catalano invests and only produces in Italy, to ensure an unimitable standard of excellence using the best raw materials.


We develop projects that are ahead of the times whilst at the same time are contemporary and never obsolete. Our various applications are designed to obtain the best result in terms of functionality and personal satisfaction. We want to offer you solutions which perfectly suit you.


The increasing investment in robotics has led to a very high level of automation and precision, leaving the final phase of product improvement to the manual phase to the expertise of our skilled craftsmen.


Catalano adopts a special glaze called Cataglaze® +, which makes the ceramic unassailable and unalterable, technically superior, which guarantees an immediately perceptible difference compared to traditionally treated surfaces.


Catalano products have perfect proportions, our design is always balanced, harmonious and precise.
In addition to form and detail, it is the performance that makes a Catalano product unique.


Catalano products completely Made in Italy, for us every little detail counts and we never compromise, we look to the future with a view to product quality and shared experiences, to create ever better products, for the company for our customers and the environment. Catalano has won over 60 international awards, accredited, in the field of design.

By the way ... here are the awards won by the Sfera collection
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Sales network

The Sfera collection can be purchased exclusively through the Catalano network of authorized distributors and resellers.

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