Catalano recommends the use of original seats and spare parts,
to preserve the efficiency, durability and warranty of the product.


The soft-close system is a feature that allows the seat to close slowly in a controlled manner, avoiding sudden noises and accidental damages. In addition to ensuring silent closing, it offers greater comfort and safety.


The quick release system allows the seat to be removed quickly and easily without the use of tools. The seat lifts upwards with a single movement of the hand, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.


For a total protection of the WCs, all seats are produced with FDA and EPA registered resins and antibacterial paints, capable of inhibiting the growth of germs and the proliferation of bacteria thanks to the natural action of silver ions.

Quality unchanged over time

Catalano seats are designed to be the optimal accessory for all Wcs of our collections. Thanks to an accurate design, associated with the best functions, the seats keep their characteristics unchanged over time and together with the ceramic Wc, they form a product of extreme quality. Quality that is determined by numerous conformity tests, as per DIN 19515.

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