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Catalano, founded in 1967 in Fabrica di Roma, is nowadays the Italian leading company in sanitary-ware industry, a name that is synonymous of high quality and exclusive design, of solid manufacturing culture and high innovation process; a company that matches high-level automation with the inimitable craftsman capability developed along centuries in this geographic area.

Its 50-years history allowed developing a highly specialized know-how, in constant evolution. The production philosophy of the company has always been addressed to achieve a whole-Italian quality; it is a real ethic commitment: Catalano, in fact, invests and produces only in Italy to offer an inimitable quality.
For Catalano, “Made in Italy” origin is synonymous with excellence, reliability, talent and innovation.



Smart Manufacturing

The company evolution is the result of an innate attention to technological innovations able to face the demand of increasingly challenging and globalized markets. Resource management, design, modelling and production phases are organized using highly digitalized and automated systems.

Catalano uses smart manufacturing procedures for maximum optimization of production processes. The increasing investment in robotics has led to a very high level of automation and precision, leaving to the expertise of our skilled craftsmen the final touch of product improvement.

Made in Italy

All Catalano product are 100 made in Italy, because they are all conceived, designed and manufactored in our sole global production site near Rome. MAde in italy logo is hot stamped in unalterable way to guarantee the origin of our products.

Know How

Best quality ceramic sanitary ware achivied thanks to the most advanced tecnologies in production process and to the expenional skills of our technicians.

Respecting employees, workplace e enviroment

The certifications obtained highlit our reliability commitment and awareness in facing the issue of enviromental impact.

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