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Ceramic top Horizon 150
Cod. 1PC1505000 - 150x50
Ceramic top Horizon 150 for double washbasin
Cod. 1PC15050DS00 - 150x50
Ceramic top Horizon 125
Cod. 1PC1255000 - 125x50
Ceramic top Horizon 100
Cod. 1PC1005000 - 100x50
Ceramic top Horizon 75
Cod. 1PC755000 - 75x50
Aluminium frame Horizon 125
Cod. 5S1255000 - 120x47
Aluminium frame Horizon 100
Cod. 5S1005000 - 95x47
Aluminium frame Horizon 75
Cod. 5S755000 - 70x47
Drawer unit Horizon 125
Cod. 5M12550BM - 121x48
Drawer unit Horizon 100
Cod. 5M10050BM - 96x48
Drawer unit Horizon 75
Cod. 5M7550BM - 71x48
Ceramic top Premium 100
Cod. 1PC1004000 - 100x40
Aluminium frame Verso 65 Inox scotch-brite
Cod. 5S653500 - 62x33
Aluminium frame Verso 55 Inox scotch-brite
Cod. 5S553500 - 52x33
Aluminium frame Verso 45 Inox scotch-brite
Cod. 5S453500 - 42x33
Frame Premium 100 satin black
Cod. 5ST100GRNS - 95x43
Frame Premium 80 satin black
Cod. 5ST80GRNS - 62x33
Frame Premium 60 satin black
Cod. 5ST60GRNS - 62x33
Cover soft-close for urinal
Cod. 5COR64F00 - 35x30
Ceramic basin waste for overflow
Cod. 5POSCBL - 0x0
Ceramic basin waste
Cod. 5POSLBL - 0x0
Ceramic basin waste with stainless
Cod. 5PBPC00 - 0x0
Ceramic basin waste with stainless
Cod. 5PIPC3BL - 0x0
Brass basin waste with stainless
Cod. 5PIPC00 - 0x0
Metal basin waste with stainless
Cod. 5PIPC300 - 0x0
Anti-bacterial basin waste
Cod. 5PIPC300 - 42x42
Metal chrome flat drain
Cod. 5PCSL00 - 0x0
Metal chrome flat drain with overflow
Cod. 5PCSC00 - 0x0
Brass drain without overflow
Cod. 5PIHA00 - 0x0
Brass drain for overflow
Cod. 5PISC00 - 0x0
Siphoned space-saving drain for shower-trays
Cod. AD41051G - 0x0
Siphoned chrome drain for shower-trays
Cod. AC5010NG - 0x0
Siphon for drawer unit
Cod. 5SFSP00 - 0x0
Siphon round brass
Cod. 5SIFL00 - 0x0
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