The twinning is the result of the innovative Catalano technique that allows the internal parts of the sanitary ware to be treated by applying the Cataglaze+® enamel with a glossy effect.

The Twinglaze+® system is an innovative technological application that characterizes Catalano sanitary ware. The treatment with the Cataglaze® + Silver titanium enamelling process, is combined with the satin and elegant finishes of the external coating. Twinglaze+® technology gives the product a strong technological, hygiene and attention to the environment, without neglecting the modern and refined aesthetic impact.


Cataglaze+® Silver Titanium

The constant drive to innovation of Catalano laboratories resulted in a special glazing, able to take advantage of the chemical features of silver and titanium particles. Thanks to these peculiar metals, this high performance composite glazing has excellent antibacterial properties.

Satin Glaze

The glaze developed by Catalano makes the satin finish easy to clean to guarantee maximum hygiene, unlike satin finishes provided by other manufacturers.

Twinglaze+® is available
on all our colored wc


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