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Sanitary ware wall-hung installation

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WC Zero 55 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VS55NR00 - 35x55
Bidet Zero 55 wall-hung
Cod. 1BS55N00 - 55x35
WC Zero 46 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSZ46R00 - 35x46
WC Zero 55 Classy wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VS55RZE00 - 35x55
Bidet Zero 55 Classy wall-hung
Cod. 1BS55ZE00 - 35x55
WC Zero 50 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSZ50R00 - 35x50
Bidet Zero 50 wall-hung
Cod. 1BSV50N00 - 35x50
WC Green 55 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VS55RGR00 - 37x55
Bidet Green 55 wall-hung
Cod. 1BS55GR00 - 55x37
WC Green 50 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VS50RGR00 - 37x50
Bidet Green 50 wall-hung
Cod. 1BS50GR00 - 50x37
WC Sfera 54 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSF54R00 - 54x35
Bidet Sfera 54 wall-hung
Cod. 1BSF5400 - 54x35
WC Sfera 54 wall-hung Newflush Eco
Cod. 1VSF54RECO00 - 35x54
Bidet Sfera 54 wall-hung Eco
Cod. 1BSF54ECO00 - 54x35
WC Sfera 50 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSS50R00 - 35x50
Bidet Sfera 50 wall-hung
Cod. 1BSS5000 - 54x35
WC Sfera Comfort 70 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VSHNR00 - 36x70
WC Italy 52 wall-hung Newflush
Cod. 1VS52RIT00 - 37x52
Bidet Italy 52 wall-hung
Cod. 1BS52IT00 - 52x37
WC Canova Royal 55 wall-hung
Cod. 1VSCRN00 - 36x55
Bidet Canova Royal 55 wall-hung
Cod. 1BSCRN00 - 55x36
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