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Catalano Research Centre, in order to meet the market need for customization and differentiation, has developed in-house
new colored glazes able to guarantee a high resistance over time to abrasions, acidsand thermal shock.
Applied to a selection of products, the new colors deliver soft pastel shades. These neutral satin tones are able to “dress up” with elegance the Catalano ceramics, giving them greater peculiarity and a new decorative role


Unique colour

Catalano R&D have developed these new colours in-house, so they are exclusive and different from others available in the market provided by external suppliers.


The glaze developed by Catalano makes the satin finish easy to clean to guarantee maximum hygiene, unlike satin finishes provided by other manufacturers.

Resistance to chemicals

The test the resistance against chemical agents, the glazed satin products are dipped in hydrochloric acid 5% solution and then in a sodium hydroxide 5% aqueous solution.

Thermal shock resistance

After the glazing phase, each Catalano satin product is tested for thermal shock resistance through three continuous cycles of progressive thermal shock, with temperature ranging from 110° to 180°.

High Temperature single-firing

To guarantee Catalano’s signature quality, the coloured products go through a single firing at high temperature -1250°- which gives them the same strength and durability properties of the Cataglaze®+ Silver Titanium gloss finish.

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